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RT @ossoff: Sitting U.S. Senator David Perdue's digital attack ad distorted my face to enlarge and extend my nose. I'm Jewish. This is th…
RT @MoveOn: Defeating Donald Trump alone isn’t enough to ensure that our progressive vision for this country will become a reality. We MUST…
Joe Biden is showing courage, strength, and foresight in putting forward his far-reaching proposal and including Clean Cars for America in this bold plan. Taking necessary action to confront the climate crisis is a top priority for Democrats in Congress.
My Clean Cars for America initiative would accelerate America’s transition to all-electric vehicles on the road by 2040 and create good-paying jobs. And it's supported by a diverse coalition of environmental, labor, and auto leaders.
Vice President Biden’s bold clean energy and infrastructure plan is a breath of fresh air for America’s future. I am so proud that @JoeBiden has included my Clean Cars for America plan as part of his energy and infrastructure proposal.
I fought alongside @BernieSanders to ensure a Senate vote in July on his amendment to reduce $740B defense budget 10% We'll put the money to priorities like health care, housing, childcare in communities with 25%+ poverty, including many communities of color Proudly support it
RT @DougJonesHQ: This is the story of how Doug got justice for the four little girls killed by the Klan in the 16th Street bombing: https:/…
RT @staceyabrams: Georgians deserve better. I voted today bc of absentee ballot defects. From Jasper to Fulton to Coffee & Chatham, long l…
What happened in Georgia yesterday is unacceptable. This is a democracy! We need to fight voter suppression, and we need to fight it now to make sure this doesn't happen again in November.
His continuing commitment to these fights -- and to defeating the divisive and damaging Trump presidency -- is statesmanlike and will permanently inure to his credit.
Mayor @MikeBloomberg 's deep and impactful record of action on gun safety, fighting climate change, and advocating for immigration reform made him a strong and worthy competitor in this primary.
I’m so proud of history-maker Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte @AMBichotte for becoming chair of the Brooklyn Democratic Party. I look forward to continuing to work with her to fight for Brooklyn and for a more just America.
The @NYWFP helps Democrats in tight seats win races, especially in the House. I’ve worked with @NYWFP for progressive policies like increased minimum wage, family leave, and passing the groundbreaking Climate and Community Protection Act in New York.