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✅ Direct cash payments ✅ Support for state and local governments ✅ Child tax credit ✅ Aid for small businesses ✅ Funding for vaccinations We need to pass the American Rescue Plan to end the COVID crisis.
The American people want the American Rescue Plan.
A majority of voters – including Republican voters – support our plan to deliver direct, bold COVID relief. The American people are counting on us to get it done. We will.
Our democracy is sacred – but it is fragile and under attack. We need the #ForThePeople Act to protect the right to vote and give power back to the people.
This unprecedented crisis calls for unprecedented leadership and action. That’s what the voters demanded and that’s what we’re going to deliver.
The recent spike in hate crimes against Asian Americans is despicable and heartbreaking. We must stand together and declare loudly: hate and bigotry are not welcome here.
Wear a mask. Get vaccinated when it’s your turn. We will get through this pandemic together.
The climate crisis isn’t coming – it’s already here.
Restaurants in New York have suffered every single day of the COVID pandemic. We need to rush resources and support so they can keep their doors open.
America needs big, bold COVID relief.
For decades, young people were told a college education was their ticket to a brighter future. They took out loans to go to college. But instead of getting ahead, they’re buried under debt they can never pay off. The right thing for America to do now is #CancelStudentDebt.
What’s happening in Texas is devastating – and it should be a wake-up call for everyone that we can’t afford to wait any longer on bold climate action.
RT @ewarren: The president has the legal authority to cancel $50,000 of student loan debt, which will help close the racial wealth gap and…