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RT @JoeBiden: We need a president who will work to lower the temperature — not raise it. A president who will bring people together and fin…
Democrats showed off the best of America and people tuned in to watch. Americans are tired of Donald Trump's surreality TV presidency.
LTC Gordon served this country in the Army & was an educator for more than 3 decades. Jackie is running for Congress because she understands the needs of Long Island families & will be their voice in Congress. RT and help us get @VoteJackie4NY to Congress.
Over 180,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. There have been almost 6 million cases. 27 million are relying on unemployment assistance. America, Donald Trump has quit on you.
RT @JoeBiden: - 180,000 lives lost - Nearly 6 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 - Over 25 million Americans out of work - Countless small…
Things not mentioned at the RNC tonight: Donald Trump has refused to stand up to Russia for putting bounties on our troops.